有松をご存知ですか? Do you know "Arimatsu"?



私と有松の出会いは平成16年(2003年)に有松山車祭を撮影したことからとなります。まだ、デジタル一眼レフが発売されて間もない頃でやっとCANON EOS10Dを購入した頃です。つまり、最初にデジタル一眼レフで撮影した祭りということです。







株式会社竹田嘉兵衛商店 公式ホームページ: http://www.takeda-kahei.co.jp/
有松まちづくりの会 有松のまち: http://www.arimatsunomachi.com/index.html

Do you know "Arimatsu"?
They say that "Arimatsu" is famous for the tie‐dyed fabrics and the cityscape of “Tokai-do” in Edo Era. You can come to "Arimatsu" only 2 minutes from the Arimatsu St. of the Nagoya Railway.
In details, "Arimatsu" is belong to Midori-district, Nagoya-city, Aichi-prefecture and that contains "Arimatsu" is famous for the cityscape of “Tokai-do” in Edo Era and "Okehazama" is famous for the battle of "Okehazama" occurred in 1560. This time, I came to "Arimatsu."
"Arimatsu" has been established as a teahouse village by the Owari-feudal clan in 1608, passes more than 400 years.
That had prospered by tie-dyeing, but in 1784 a catastrophic fire rapidly destroyed most of the houses which were constructed with thatched roofs, but then in the early days of 1800 the village successfully recovered. So that, the cityscape of nowadays has been established over about 200 years ago. It was selected as a national preservation district for a group of historic buildings in 2016.
My first contact of "Arimatsu" was that I came to take a photograph of the parade floats festival of "Arimatsu", and that is my first work of Japanese festival by digital SLR. The parade floats festival of "Arimatsu" is been held in the first Sunday of October in every year.
I visited to Takeda-Kahei Corp. of the "Takeda" family which has been established in over 300 years over. "Takeda" family is that a descendant of one of the initiators, "Taketa Shokuro" of the "Arimatsu" tie-dyeing industry. The residence of "Takeda" family has been builded in over 200 years ago, that has a drawing room (builded in Taisho Era) which is newest part of that residence.
The yukata of Yokozuna Hakuho was displayed at the entrance. There were many tie-dyed fabrics which contained some very expensive, but an affordable price one. I found the beautiful Japanese garden what is such as difficult to maintenance by personal. They say that they have been able to build such residence, because the "Arimatsu" tie-dyed fabrics was very expensive in old days.
Today, the dyeing industry that was the golden age in the Meiji Era is the critical situation by the import goods of the rising nation (including China) after World War II. I want to do a help over a crisis by making collaboration with people in "Arimatsu".

Takeda-Kahei Corp: http://www.takeda-kahei.co.jp/
: http://www.arimatsunomachi.com/index.html

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