Japanese garden as the intangible cultural asset of Japan 2

Japanese garden as the intangible cultural asset of Japan 2

Weeping cherry tree on a hill overlooking Kyoto city
 (Tenryu-ji Temple, Kyoto)

There is a form in the intangible cultural asset of Japan, for example Judo, Japanese dance, and Tea ceremony. If I think that Japanese garden is the intangible cultural asset of Japan, that have a form also. But it is problem that they are not aware of a form at observation. Of course, the intangible cultural asset of Japan has a relationship to the religion, so that have the spiritual characteristics.
It is one of the most important sense of Japanese traditional culture, but after WWII there have disappeared. The traditional spiritual culture has been negation by the education. Conversely, it is most important that the education of the traditional spiritual culture about Japanese garden, that contain about the form also. Nowadays, the education of the landscape architecture doesn’t contain the spiritual characteristic, so I think that is the emasculated garden's form, and that is only for a beautiful sightseeing facility. Similarly, "Matsuri (Japanese traditional festival)" is an intangible cultural asset of Shinto Shrine, so which needs understanding the spiritual characteristic.

Snowy view through the window
 (Fundain Temple, Kyoto)

 For example, if you build the Zen garden, you need a knowledge of Zen. It is important when the gardener portray something, he builds what is based on the spiritual characteristic, similarly you have to hold a knowledge on an observation. I am a Zen Buddhist, if I make my work about Zen garden, they are not interested in that, but the chief priests of Zen temple are very interested in that. My family said that they have to study about Zen Buddhism for understanding my works. One of my work is always display at beside the Buddhist statue made at Heian era. From those situations, my work shows the spiritual characteristic of the intangible cultural asset.
*All these sentences are based on my personal opinion.

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