深緑のころ Season of the deep green leaves



Single plate table made of Chinese quince in the large hall

木々の緑が美しい初夏に旧邸御室(京都市右京区御室)に行きました。京福電気鉄道(嵐電)北野線 御室仁和寺駅から徒歩5分程度の場所です。


View of Japanese Garden




View of Japanese Garden


South entrance of Ryoanji Temple


龍安寺へ嵐電で行くのは初めてでした。嵐電 龍安寺駅から徒歩約10分程度の場所にあります。


Dry Landscape Garden



Japanese garden with a pond in the center garden

他に、池泉回遊式庭園 鏡容池(国指定名勝)があり、平安時代にこの場所に徳大寺があった頃からのものであるそうです。









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Season of the deep green leaves


Single plate table made of Chinese quince in the large hall

I went to Kyutei Omuro (Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto City) in early summer when the greenery leaves of trees were beautiful. That is located at about a 5-minute walk from Keifuku Electric Railroad (Randen) Kitano Line Omuro Ninnaji Station.

View of Japanese Garden

This time, the special opening of Kyutei Omuro "Fragrance of the deep green leaves" was held after 3 years.

They say from the official website, “Kyutei Omuro was built in 1945. It is a suburban mansion building with splendid decorations of Sukiya style, but its designer and purpose of construction are unknown. It stands quietly hidden behind the emperor-related monzeki temple "Ninna-ji" just south of the residence, and although the relationship has not been clarified. But it seems to have inherited the height of the prestige.”

View of Japanese Garden

In the 22-tatami mat room, there was a single plate table made of Chinese quince, and the surface looked likes mirror because of many layers of urushi coating, so the Japanese garden seen from the large hall was reflected. There were many people came to see only this scenery, and they were actively taking pictures. They explained on the official website, it seems that you do not know what kind of intention it was built, but the pure pursuit of beauty attracts the viewer.

South entrance of Ryoanji Temple

This time, I bought Randen's "One-day pass and Kyutei Omuro admission ticket", so I went to Ryoanji Temple as it was.

It was my first time to went to Ryoanji Temple by Randen. It was located at about a 10-minute walk from Ryoanji Station of Randen.

They say from the official website of Ryoanji Temple, "It was founded in 1450. When Katsumoto Hosokawa, who was regent of General Ashikaga, took over the cottage of Tokudaiji Temple, and It was founded by Zen Master Giten Gensho (5th chief priest of Myoshinji Temple). It is said that Hojo was built in 1499, and the stone garden was also made at this time.”

Dry Landscape Garden

The famous dry garden "Ryoanji Rock Garden" is a Hojo Garden and is designated as a Historic site designated by the national government and National Site of Scenic Beauty. In addition, it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site "Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto" in 1994.

Japanese garden with a pond in the center garden

In addition, there is a Japanese garden with a pond in the center, Kyoyochi Pond (National Site of Scenic Beauty), which dates to the time when Tokudaiji was in this place during the Heian period.

It was a standard destination for school trips, and there were many students, and I have come as an elementary school trip.

The stone garden is very famous, there were a lot of people, but I was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery with green leaves in the Kyoyochi Pond, because of few people.


I thank you for everyone.




CANON EF 16-35mm F4.0L IS USM


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